Stag Weekend in Liverpool

Following on from my previous post about organising my mate’s stag do in Liverpool, I thought I’d post a quick update on how the weekend went.

19 of the 24 lads met up on the Friday evening at the Premier Inn, Albert Dock and swiftly headed to the pubs in and around Fleet Street and Concert Square with intentions of taking it fairly easy to warm ourselves up for the weekend ahead. Yeah right! Given that we were in Liverpool, there were plenty of shots flying, luckily for us the alcoholic type!

As you can imagine there were a few sore heads on the Saturday morning, the worst being Mark (back middle-right above) who wandered the streets of Liverpool at 5am in search of Anadin extra in an attempt to cure the road works taking place in his head.

The majority recovered thanks to a splendid all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet at the hotel in time for a midday start, heading to North Wales for a 3 hour go-karting grand prix at The Circuit.

A hasty trip back to Liverpool and quick change at the hotel meant we were just in time to enjoy a fantastic meal at Meet, all washed down with several Desperados beers.

Following the meal we headed round the corner to The Slaughterhouse for some excellent stand-up comedy, where Scott (left above), took an absolute pasting from all three comedians and the MC, Phoenix Nights star Neil Fitzmaurice, despite the stag sitting front row wearing the clown outfit shown above. The brilliant, 3’6″ Canadian, Tanyalee Davis dishing out the worst punishment, priceless!

After that, the night gets a bit hazy as we drink, dance and sing our way through 80’s classics in The Tube. The hardcore amongst the group managing to party beyond 5am!

Absolutely fantastic weekend, it was great to catch up with everyone and I look forward to the wedding in a few weeks time.

I think the above picture best sums up the great time we had!

Hmm, now to write a best man’s speech…


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