Kids at Christmas

As Christmas approaches my wife and I always have to go through the difficult decision on where we are to spend Christmas Day, with her family or mine.

Last year we spent it in Blackpool with my family and this year we’ve been invited to my brother & sister-in-laws house in Manchester. It should be good fun spending the day with my very comical Godson, Paddy and his elder sister Caitlin.

Spending Christmas day with them brings back two very special, funny memories.

The most recent was Christmas 2007, when we invited them to our house, it was the first time I had made Christmas dinner for anyone, so although I was a little stressed out getting the dinner prepared, Paddy had me in stitches when the Christmas pudding was served. After we had successfully extinguished the brandy-fired pudding and dished it out to the adults, we asked Paddy if he would like to try a bit, he nodded, so we broke a little bit off for him. His face lit up in delight like a kid who’d just been given unlimited entry to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, he grabbed the plate with the remaining pudding and finished the lot!

Enjoying Xmas Pud

The second, but earlier incident was way before Paddy was born, I can’t remember the exact year but Caitlin was about 18 months old at the time. We were all round at Polly’s family home, about 14 of us in total. They got Caitlin set up in her chair at the table and served her plate first. As the rest of us were taking our places at the table, her dad brought her a bread roll and went to place it on her plate, Caitlin pushed his hand away and said “I don’t want the fu*king bread”. There was a mad scramble as everyone rushed to leave the dining room before cracking up in hysterical laughter!



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