Menu Monday

There are few things nicer in the winter than coming home to a stew that has been slowly cooking all day. The smell that hits you as you walk through the front door is divine. The great thing about a stew cooked in a slow cooker is that the whole process is so simple. All you need to do is prepare the ingredients and throw them in the pot, turn it on before you leave for work and when you get home it is almost ready to eat.

A few months ago my wife and I decided to cut down on our shopping at big supermarkets and use Abel & Cole to get organic food delivered every couple of weeks. I look forward to getting the “random” fruit and veg boxes delivered every fortnight to see what seasonal produce has arrived and work out what to do with stuff I’ve never used or even seen before.

So, following on from my first post exactly one week ago, I thought I’d share another recipe with you (sorry vegetarians this one contains meat).

Slow Cooked Lamb Stew

Ingredients (You really don’t have to be too specific here, just use whatever is seasonal or in your cupboard, however below lists the ingredients I used today)
450g of Diced Organic Lamb
2 Onions (chopped into quarters)
4 small Carrots (roughly chopped)
1 medium sized Celeriac (peeled and diced)
1 medium Cauliflower (cut into florets)
2 sticks of Celery (diced)
2 Garlic Cloves (crushed)
1 pint of Lamb stock (approx)
Dried Mint
2 tablespoons of Mint Sauce
Generous lashings of Worcestershire Sauce

The Process

Simple, throw everything except the cornflour into the slow cooker, mix it all together, place the lid on top and turn it on.

Don’t be too worried about how long you’ll be out for, if you think you’re going to be out for longer than 6 hours, make sure you put additional stock in the pot so it doesn’t dry out.

When you get in from work, sieve the cornflour over the mixture whilst stirring until it becomes a nice thick, gravy like consistency.

Serve hot with some crusty buttered bread.


P.S. I often make stew with beef stewing steak and use a good red wine and a double shot of brandy or a good quality stout as stock. Delicious.


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3 Responses to Menu Monday

  1. Philgatt says:

    You’ve only gone and done it again! I’m gonna have to make stew tomorrow, though will have to use beef as wife doesn’t eat lamb.

    Well done on another excellent post, AND a very good idea.

  2. blissbubbley says:

    Another great recipe!

    I love my slow cooker, cannot beat coming home and smelling your dinner cooking away šŸ™‚

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